We can all stop looking for the next Cat Stevens or Paul Simon. American Songwriter magazine recently noted Steven Delopoulos “could go down as music’s first truly great writer of this century” while naming the self-titled album by his band Burlap to Cashmere “one of the best records of 2011.”

Selling half a million records world wide, Steven has toured extensively  and opened for the likes of Elvis Costello,Train,Hootie and the blowfish , Bob Weir,REO Speedwagon, Richie Havens and most recently Allison Krauss. 

Like his legendary influences, this entertaining New Jersey native always finds that rare creative connection between the human condition and spiritual transcendence. What sets him apart are the ancestral Greek folk turns his melodies and rhythms take—a rich ingredient that brings so much flavor to Steven’s work as both a magnetic solo artist and Burlap’s front man.

Delopoulos also has the unique experience of having been ahead of the times and now with the times. His group first broke out of Brooklyn brandishing an acclaimed pop/folk-meets-world sound for which no scene yet existed.

After two solo projects — 2003’s Me Died Blue and 2007’s Straightjacket —gained warm comparisons to Harry Chapin and early Bob Dylan, Burlap to Cashmere reunited “having cultivated the scene now occupied by Fleet Foxes, Mumford & Sons and others” (All Music Guide). Soon enough, The Tennessean noticed the band “reclaim that turf in top form” with a sound USA Today describes as “sumptuous and exotic.”

“There are those who create from inspiration, a fierce devotion to excellence in craft,” All Music Guide said of his remarkable talent. It’s something you’ll want to see and hear for yourself.